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The Genealogy Training Center (GTC) is designed to help genealogists understand the genealogy research process, the availability of records online and off-line, the way to interpret the information found and to capture the information into a record of their own family history. The courses taught at the center include the search for family names, the records providing information on their ancestors and the ability to draw a valid conclusion from the information found, recording its sources and locations, and to follow the next logical step to find more relevant information.



 To provide quality genealogy classes from basic to advanced.  Using hands on method of teaching.

 Keeping up with the changing genealogy research and technology






To provide interactive, hands-on training in genealogical research





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The Basics of Genealogy

taught by instructors for the Genealogy Training Center is designed to help understand the genealogy research process and the way to interpret the information found.

Genealogy Training Center

     "Genealogy in Today's World"